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The Beginning

The beginnings were not easy because while the idea for the device emerged quite quickly, the concept for the enclosure wasn't as straightforward. The enclosure design process took a total of three months, involving numerous trials, errors, and experiments.

The initial enclosure concept looked quite different from what you see today - it was a significant departure. However, we had a clear goal from the beginning: we wanted the enclosure to pay homage to the classic GameBoy.

Why GameBoy?

The answer is simple and understandable. In our childhood, as young enthusiasts, GameBoy was the only gaming device around. Back then, there were no PlayStations or Xboxes – those came much later.

GameBoy was a pocket-sized, iconic gaming device with interchangeable cartridges. It was a true gem that brings back nostalgic memories. Returning to the enclosure concept, our intention was to create something that resembled the classic GameBoy but with a modern, hacker's twist.

Development and modifications

After a considerable amount of time, we achieved what we set out to do. It's safe to say that the outcome exceeded our initial expectations and continues to impress to this day. However, this accomplishment didn't come quickly; it required several adjustments and modifications to the enclosure. Why, you may ask? Because the pursuit of perfection is an ongoing journey. The majority of these modifications were primarily cosmetic in nature. They included thinning the enclosure walls, shifting GPIO outputs to align perfectly with the PCB, and precision-tailoring the microSD card slot to fit seamlessly with the PCB. We also adjusted the thickness of the buttons since the original ones were too thick and didn't provide a satisfactory tactile feel. Nonetheless, the most significant alteration that dramatically influenced the enclosure's shape was the addition of an SMA connector for the possibility of attaching external antennas. This change had a profound impact on the device's design, opening new possibilities and enhancing its overall functionality.

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