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CyperPRO showcases a remarkable capability - it seamlessly transforms into a BadUSB device, adept at disguising itself as a (HID) resembling a keyboard. The crux of BadUSB lies in its proficiency to manipulate system configurations, facilitate access to concealed pathways, retrieve invaluable data, and orchestrate reverse shells, all achieved through the art of physical proximity. This transformative ability is harnessed through the precise execution of a series of commands encoded in the Rubber Ducky Scripting Language, commonly known as DuckyScript. This device has earned widespread recognition and stands as an icon in the realm of penetration testing. Each meticulously crafted series of commands is referred to as a "payload".

How to Use

To utilize your CyperPRO as a BadUSB device, follow these steps: 1. If you have the Cyper directory running on your computer, please close it. If you're running background updates or executing scripts, kindly conclude those tasks. 2. On your CyperPRO, navigate to the: Main Menu -> Bad USB 3. Select the payload script and press the A-Select button. 4. Connect your Cyper to the computer using a USB-C cable.

If Cyper detects the computer connection, a green "connected" message will appear on the screen. 5. Press X - Next to execute the payload script on the computer.

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